Somaliland: Getting Arrested & Detained in the Newest Country in the World


You read that right, arrested and detained in the newest country in the world, South Sudan.

By: Marcello Arrambide

Somalilandsun – I should have known when the South Sudan Embassy in Ethiopia asked for a written letter in order to take a picture. I should have known when a group of police officers told me I needed special permission from a random office in order to take a picture. I should have known not to run from the police in Africa because they run faster… than motorcycles. I should have remembered to purchase reinforced tank tops in case someone is trying to drag me from a moving motorcycle.

I should have known…..

I think when you’re going to do something, you have to go all out. What would be the point of just getting arrested if I wasn’t detained? And getting detained wouldn’t be any fun if I wasn’t arrested, right? Safe to say it was a terrifying experience that I can go back and laugh at, just like my experience getting kidnapped and shot at in Venezuela.

It started on an overcast day and I decided not to day trade since I left my charger in Ethiopia. I walked through the gate of the new 12 ft high security wall that was being built to protect the property compound. Apparently they didn’t get the message that the war was over. As I eagerly walked towards one of my favorite taxis in the entire world the most bizarre thing happened, out of the overgrown grasslands across from the hotel a group of men appeared.

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