Somaliland: Hagaltosie Eye’s the Kulmiye Party VP Slot


The Silanyo-Hagaltosie handshake that led to peace & officeMinisterial appointment approval by parliament completes the transformation of Hagaltosie from Militia commander to public serving politician.

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The House of Representatives has unanimously approved the appointment of Dr Suleiman Isse Ahmed as the new minister of Resettlement and Rehabilitation.

At a sitting with a quorum of 47 members and chaired by Speaker Abdirahman Irro the appointment by President Silanyo of the youthful Dr Suleiman Isse “Hagaltosie’ received unanimous approval after all the members present in the house voted yes.

Following the unanimous approval by the lower house of parliament Hon Suleiman Hagaltosie gave a brief account of activities undertaken by the ministry under his four months of stewardship, informing that he has so far managed to clinch some contracts with international donor agencies geared towards facilitating ease of livelihoods for Internally displaced Persons as well those seeking resettlement back in former resident areas.

Buoyed by his now official status as a serving minister the youthful Dr Suleiman Hagaltosie also revealed that he has high political ambitions that might if successful see him become the country’s next vice president.

The former militia commander turned peacemaking politician plans to occupy the second highest office in the country through the Kulmiye party in which he intends to vie for the vice presidency during the forthcoming party elections planned for this year.

The dramatic transformation of the minister of Resettlement and rehabilitation who is popular known as commander Hagaltosie started in Dubai immediately after conclusion of the second phase of talks between Somalia and Somaliland mid last year when he, Hagaltosie then the commander of the Sool, Sanaag & Cyan (Ain)-SSC militias battling national security forces in Buhodle and other parts of Sool region met with president Silanyo.

Successful discussions led to the signing of the now in implementation Buhodle peace accord in which a ceasefire was to be effect expeditiously thus facilitate the tabling of grievances against the government by residents of Sool region as a prelude to peaceful reconciliation.

Despite meeting with fierce opposition from some Khatumo secessionists elements that had earlier on tried to disrupt the peace process by attacking units of the army not to mention an assassination attempt on commander Hagaltosie, The Buhodle peace implementation is being implemented smoothly mainly through the concerted support it has elicited from the SSC militia, Government, Traditional leaders and citizens nationwide especially residents of Sool region.

Most of the provisions of the Buhodle peace have been implemented among them;

• AppointmenDr Hagaltosie ponders Resetlement  Rehabilitation in his officet of former SSC commander turned politician Keise as minister of reconciliation for Eastern regions.

• The Release of former SSC militias from Mandera Maximum security prison where most of them were serving lengthily sentences for terrorism activities.

• The disbandment of SSC militias and handing over of weapons to the national army.

• The withdrawal from a number of bases in Sool region by the National Army.

• The integration of former SSC militias to the National Army, Police force and Custodial corps. Etc

Since the signing of the Buhodle peace accord thousands of Sool residents have managed to return to their homes after lengthily periods in IDP camps not to mention the successful conduct of elections on the 28th Nov 2012 which was a first for the region in the 10 years of the country’s democratization process.

Now that the transformation of Hagaltosie from Militia commander to Public servant is official thus complete, his quest for any office in Somaliland is sure to receive the support of the public who seem to be endeared and charmed by the youthful man whose appointment received unanimous approval from all Somalilanders.

The public is mesmerized by the man who defied all odds and brought along internal conflict and dreams of Khatumo secessionists to an end even after several threats from some self-seekers led by failed politician Ali Khalif Galayd who said to have lamented the fact that Sool residents enjoyed a peaceful Eid holiday last year after a decade and half.

This trust is worthy of the youthful man who brought an end to years of skirmishes between militias and security forces in /Buhodle and the wider Sool region that led to the meaningless deaths of many landers as well as injuries to many others.

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