Somaliland: Hagaltosie Escapes Assassination Attempt


By: Yusuf M Hasan

BUHODLE (Somalilandsun) – Elements intent on Disrupting peaceful reconciliation are intent on eliminating Hagaltosie.

The assassination attempt on Commander Suleiman Isse Ahmed ‘Hagaltosie’ occurred as he tried to restore order Following an ambush on an army base by militias aligned to Khatuumo secessionists at Sool-Joogto village in the outskirts of Buhodle town

As the surprise attack was successfully repulsed by The Somaliland national army unit, the fleeing Khatuumoist militias fired several times on Hagaltosie as he tried to create a buffer thus save the fleeing militias from carnage.

Despite several shots having been fired on his person the former militia commander turned politician and peacemaker escaped unscathed.

According to the minister of Defence Hon Ahmed Haji Adami, the late night ambush by the militias ended without any casualties being inflicted on the heroic serviceman. The defence chief revealed in a briefing to SOLNA, the national news agency, at his offices in Hargeisa where he attributed the attack as part of the Khatuumo secessionists designs to disrupt peaceful reconciliation in Buhodle.

Mr. Hagaltosie, who returned to the area 24 hours before the assassination attempt, had informed thousands of his welcoming committee that he was determined in the full implementation of the Buhodle peace accord he jointly signed with H.E Ahmed Mahmoud Silanyo in Dubai late last month.

During a speech at his welcoming ceremony Hagaltosie had alluded to the fact that attaining peaceful reconciliation with the government in Hargeisa is a challenge due to obstacles from some quarters (read Khatuumo secessionists), Said he, “There are a number of people who are against peaceful reconciliation thus a preference for clashes that have not benefitted them, while our people continue to suffer”

Mr. Suleiman Hagaltosie who informed that the anti-peace elements will no longer be consulted, said, “Since it is the people who suffer they are the ones to decide and as attested here, they have opted for peaceful reconciliation with the Somaliland government”.

He told the residents of Buhodle that his agreement for peaceful reconciliation was as agreed before his departure to Dubai. He assured the residents that President Silanyo, who is determined to end the clashes in the area, is very sympathetic to their prolonged insecurity plight that has ensued with increased poverty and lack of public services.

According to the Buhodle peace accord, The Sool Sanaag Cayn (Ain)-SSC militia will lay down its arms as a prelude to entering into talks with the government. The militia arms will be handed over to the national army which will also, after the talks, absorb a substantial number of the former militias into its ranks.

The renewed attacks by the secessionists coming after a month’s long hiatus are clearly geared towards disrupting the Hagaltosie fronted peaceful reconciliation.