Somaliland: Hadrawi Tells Parliamentarians to Respect the Electorate


Hadraawi in August 2013

By Moody Boodle

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun)- The famous poet Mr. Ibrahim Warsame Hadrawi, has spoken for the first time about the chaotic political scenario whose fever-gripped pitch was evidenced by what took place inside the parliament building that reached a point where fist fighting erupted the amongst the parliamentarians.

Hadrawi has asked the house to respect the ordinary citizen that put them there in the first place and also to spare each other so that they have time to render the services that awaited them.

While speaking to the press in Hargeisa he said, “We were waiting and hoping to hear of international recognition that will open doors for us to the international community”.

He added “We should preserve our dignity”. They have been honored and chosen to serve the people. He said that “a situation like this is grief to the voter who casted his vote sincerely”.

“The parliament is the advocate of the people and bears multiple responsibilities but still they are expected to serve the people” ha explained.

Lastly the poet reminded the members to avoid hurting the innocent citizen with such scenes that seems stage acting. If not, he stressed, they should at least show some acceptable etiquette regarding their status quo.