Somaliland: Guusha Blog Comes of Age


“In establishing this blog I hope to cultivate all inclusive effGuusha logoorts in developing the country”- Minister Hirsi Ali

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Citizens Frustrations with failure in accessing the highest office in the country are a thing of the past thanks to a minster’s blog.

 This turn of events follows the launch of a blog, by the minister at the presidency Mr Hirsi Haji Ali for purposes of establishing an avenue for two communication thence a platform for the government to exchange varied information with its citizens.

“I believe communication is the back bone of all governmental activities and in Hersi Ali Hasan bridging communication chanells betwen citizens and governmentestablishing this blog I hope to cultivate all inclusive efforts in developing the country” said Minister Hirsi Ali during the blog launch.

In the  launch the presidency minister who attributed some unnecessary differences that occur between governments and citizens to lack of communications said the guusha blog is geared towards making a reversal.

True to his words the minister is availing citizens the opportunity to not only access presidency news but make suggestions which receive immediate responses from the presidency minister himself.

Now that the blog is fully functional Somalilandsun login in and made a suggestion as per instructions and to our amazement the minister himself respond after 2 hours with this message:

Subject, Quote- “Thanks dear Yusuf for your Valuable suggestions”

Message-Quote- “After reading your suggestions, I took it in my account we will deliver the info as sufficient as possible, also I will deliver that message to the minister of (omitted) and other institutions. Regards Hirsi Hassan -Unquote


With this response it is very possible that utilized properly the blog shall realize its objective of “TOGETHER LETS MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE! Thus urge landers to visit  sample the menu and see your suggestions acted on.

This guusha blog is truly turning citizens from the dormant governed to active participators in government.