Somalia: Turkish Air Lines Cancels Mogadishu Flights


Somalilandsun— passengers who booked the flights withTurkey airlines today helplesslyTurkish airlines at Aden Ade airport/google images stood at Adan Adde airport in Mogadishu reports Shebelle media.

This followed after the airline cancelled the flights from Mogadishu due to the alleged bad weather.

Passengers who contacted Shebelle media station in Mogadishu said that they were unable to pay for hotels as the hotels were expensive and budgeted for the delays.

Passengers mainly foreigners are still stranded in Mogadishu after the airline officials cancelled the flights.

Flights have been rescheduled to Sunday as the one of the passengers informed us.

Passengers are requesting the top admin of the airlines to improve their services by providing accommodations if flights are cancelled.