Somaliland: Guurti Reaffirms the Country’s Territorial Integrity


Chairman of Guurti the Somaliland upper chamber of parliament Suleiman Aden chaired the session

By: Yusuf M Hasan
SomalilandSun- The borders of Somaliland shall remain untouched similarly to the demarcation made over a century ago by Great Britain which managed the country as one of its many protectorates until 1960.
This determination to maintain in unity and undivided the original territorial jurisdiction as per the 26th June 1960 was reaffirmed by elders of Guurti the Somaliland upper chamber of parliament at a session chaired by its leader Suleiman Aden.
Guurti elders I. Session The session in which had a quorum of 63 of the overall membership of 82 had its agenda issues related to internal affairs and more territorial integrity ensued with unanimous decision to support any Government activities related to ensuring that incursions by foreign forces are not only repulsed but completely eliminated as well.
The Guurti debate on territorial integrity seems to have been precipitated by the escalation of tensions along its border with Somalia after the army repulsed an incursions by forces from Puntland, an administrative region of Somalia, with intent on disrupting voter registration in Sanaag region.
According to Somaliland ministry of defense the ensuing skirmishes ended with the invading troops losing many soldiers while a large quantity of military hardware was either destroyed or captured before the Puntland militias retreated Haste back home.
Somaliland army units patrol border with PuntlandThe elders also took the opportunity to discuss the country’s international recognition which remains evasive a quarter of a century since Somaliland withdrew from its voluntary union with Somalia, a former Italian colony to the east.
While the elders were agreed on the imperatives of garnering international recognition as a sovereign nation with attendant benefits especially bi-lateral relations and membership of world bodies like the UN, they were also quick to absolve the Government that was commended for its pertinent campaigns.
Somaliland is 25 and growing stronger

Of Import from the Guurti elders deliberations was that, though international recognition is imperative, citizens of Somaliland have not only recognized their independence, managed to not only survive but celebrate an unrecognized silver jubilee as well, and as things stand they remain ready and prepared to celebrate a golden jubilee of none recognition without flinching.