Somaliland: Guurti Led Special Committee Tables Haji Salah Cop Murder Findings


By: Osman A.M.

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – An ad hoc committee of Upper House (Gurti) elders that was specially composed and dispatched to Daad-Marrer region following the brutal murder of Haji Salah police boss has finally compiled & tabled their report before the House Business Committee albeit the parliament being on recess.

Haji Salah is a small town in Daad-Marrer region on the western side of the country. The deceased cop the late Mr. Hurreh was killed while in line of duty place on the night of Wednesday 26th February at Lanmulaho center by armed men who fled thereafter crossing the Ethiopian border before being apprehended courtesy of collaborative efforts between various players involving intelligence & security officers of Somaliland & their Ethiopian counterparts.

Upon acknowledging the receipt of the committee report, the Gurti speaker Hon. Suleiman Mohamud Adan exonerated the members from blames assured that their findings were ready but could not receive them due to his tight schedule.

The speaker allowed a member of the committee to address the press that was already waiting outside parliamentary premises.

The member of the committee highlighted the progress made in the recovery of firearms used in the commission of the cop’s murder & subsequent arrest of the committers of the heinous crime to the chagrin of violence instigators.

The Hon. Member then itemized the steps undertaken in deterring furtherance of violence based on tribal lines. He also notified the general public not to incite feuding communities in case of occurrence of such like-crimes.

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