Somaliland: Former National Human Rights Commission Chair Rebuts Allegations of Saving Murder Convic


Ahmed Huquuq

Osman A.M

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The former head of National Human Rights Commission Mr. Ahmed Yussuf Hussein has rubbished allegations in press that Human Rights defenders save murder convict from being executed.

Mr. Ahmed elaborated during a press conference he called in Hargeisa that when a court of Law delivers a judgment against a murder suspect and the execution is not carried immediately then it is up to the relevant authorities to carry the death penalty & that Human Rights organizations are not to be blamed.

The former State owned Human Right Commission head disclosed that there are no Advocates to defend murder suspects in Somaliland especially when the accused cannot afford the legal fees.

The ex-Human Right boss said,” Killers would be killed according to the Islamic Sharia & the Constitution of the country but what I hear in the street are inverted stories far from the truth because the death penalty is mandatory once the commission of the murder is proved in a court of Law”

Mr. Ahmed also compared Somaliland with other jurisdictions where death penalty has been abolished but maintained that in this country it is an eye for an eye.