Somaliland: Guurti Elders Urge Stiff Punishment for Consumers and Sellers of Alcohol and Cannabis Sativa

Somaliland: Guurti Elders Urge Stiff Punishment for Consumers and Sellers of Alcohol and Cannabis Sativa

Somalilandsun: Somaliland’s House of Elders want stiff sentences and punishment imposed on those who abuse drugs as well as those in the illegal business.

This came out as the elders debated the anti-drug law, in which they proposed the implementation of a key drug clause in the law, which targets importers, drinkers and sellers.

The Senators  also added that the imposition of the imprisonment and flogging in public would go a long way in curbing the illegal use of narcotics, in accordance with Islamic law and religious rites practiced by the prophet’s –PUBH, Companions.

Senator Omar Nur Waaye argued that “Somalis hate the drugs consumption scandal and that in the event of a public outcry against drug traffickers and imposition of stiff punishment will help curtailed the practice.

The lawmaker added that whipping is more effective than any other sentence, and if members of the public are informed about the flogging will ensure that the mayhem dies out as those publicly flog fear of losing clan support. Adding that “Mosques during Friday prayers are suitable for use as forum of informing on floggings as well as naming culprits “

On the confiscation by state of vehicles and houses used by drug dealers Elder Omar Nur Waaye said that “Though it is a superb clause most of import is ascertaining whether the owner (Car and House) was/were aware of the crime” stating in detail that if house owner knew of the crime he/she  will be guilty, similarly “If the driver of the car picks up something that the owner does not know about then the owner is not culpable”

Senator Sheikh Abdirahman Osman Jama suggested that the article be applied to the process of Islamic rule. “Drugs have now entered the country in large quantities, turning our school children into addicts of various types.

“While stiff prison sentences are ok they have not been effective in curtail the abuse thence my support for flogging in which a convicted offender is lashed 40 times in public” said the elder

The bill has already been passed by the House of Representatives and is currently being debated by the Senate, which seeks to eradicate narcotics and punish anyone caught.