Somaliland: Guurti Elders Squabble over Environmental Protection Law


Tree cutting is big bussines in Somaliland

By: Yusuf M. Hassan

Hargeisa (THT) – Approval of the Somaliland Environmental Protection Action is in abeyance.

This follows the suspension of debate at Guurti, the Upper House of Parliament, after heated debated escalated to squabbling between pro and anti-laws elders of the house
In a bid to bring order House chairman Suleiman Adan suspended businesses at the chamber thence enable elders to cool off tempers.

The contended ACT is expected to give government both National and local muscle to protect the fast deteriorating environment in Somaliland as well as authority to re-secure and manage public range lands most of which are currently illegally occupied by some individuals.

The act also establishes parameters for the state to facilitate or participate in the production of alternate energy like coal etc thence ease reliance on charcoal widely used in almost 90% of Somaliland households.
Charcoal is attributed as the main culprit of environmental destruction thence the act also intends to criminalize the cutting down of live-green trees as opposed to dry ones that shall require license to harvest.

The Environmental Protection Law was submitted by government to the House of Representatives, lower chamber of parliament, where it was approved and forwarded to Guurti for rejection or approval as per dictates of the constitution.

If Guurti elders regain their senses and approve the ACT it shall then be forwarded to the President for signature thence promulgate it law.