Somaliland: Guul Group to Handle Pontus Marine Fisheries Investment Portfolio


By: Abdirahman YonisAhmed Abdulqadir

Somalilandsun – Due to The Development of the country, Pontus Marine Limited which is Somaliland’s First global Fishing Company with its aim of focusing on supplying quality fishery to domestic and overseas market Welcomes Local Investment Participation to Somaliland.

Speaking to Somalilandsun Mr. Ahmed Abdulqadir Ahmed Public and Communication Manager to Pontus Marine said that Their Company is launching a Development Program to the Country towards Fishing Opportunities

” We are here in Somaliland to invest a huge Program in supplying Fishery to an international Market which can contribute the Development Process of the Country”

Mr. Ahmed added that he hopes this program will Interact an international investment to the country ” the Success of this Project Can result on international Investment to the country” he also appreciated the Somaliland government’s support towards their project

Finally Ahmed told that Pontus marine Limited which is owned by Somaliland shareholders was established to create job opportunities to Somaliland population specially youth groups thence help combat the out of control Tahrib-illegal immigration.

On the other Hand the Pontus marine Ltd has delegated its local operations to Guul Group, a consultancy firm registered in the UK and Somaliland where it shall handle all matters related to the fisheries development program now under activation through company public shares issue.

“All Pontus Marine operations in Somaliland shall be handled by Guul Group until the fisheries development takes root” said Ahmed Abdulqadir Ahmed Public and Communication Manager to Pontus Marine

Guul Group CEO M GuleidAccording to Guul Group Managing director Guleid Liban activities conducted by his firm as pertains the Pontus marine contract include facilitating the program launch as well as shares issue in Toghdeer-Burao, Sahil-Berbera and Marodhi-jeeh-Hargeisa regions where prospective investors have so far pledged purchased of over $1.5m worth

“Currently Guul Group is making follow-up to the pledges made as well as providing information to the large number of prospective investors flocking our offices at the Star towers opposite Hadhwanag hotel in Hargeisa as well as in Berbera and Burao.

This is the first time which a marine Company established in Somaliland by Somalilanders will provide seafood supplies to regional and worldwide markets.

Be part of this great innovative project designed to stimulate the country’s fishing industry thus provide sustainable livelihoods, employment opportunities and economic development.

For details on how to participate in this venture for citizens outside the country or in other parts of the country kindly Contact the Guul Group Managing Director Mr. Guleid Telephone 00252 24018166 and email   or visit

The writer Abdirahman Yonis is a reporter with HCTV and an apprentice print journalist with Somalilandsun