Senate with Obama Limiting Syria Strikes to 90 Days Faces Resistance


AS President Putin sends Russian delegates to persuade US Congress otherwise

Hands off syria

Somalilandsun – The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee has cut a deal with the Obama administration limiting strikes on Syria to 90 days and barring deployment of ground troops, but it still faces resistance.

Sen. John McCain, a strong supporter of hitting Syria, told AP could not support the resolution “in its current form.”

Under the arrangement the attacks would be limited to 90 days, The Washington Post reports. The Post said the resolution would bar deploying any ground troops, other than small rescue missions.

The resolution may have had unexpected consequences. Russian President Putin said he could support strikes on Syria if it were proved the Assad regime used chemical weapons.

The New York Times said the committee approved strikes for 60 days with one 30-day extension.

Initially it had been expected that the strikes would last for a few days. Extending it could be a compromise between Obama’s request to limit the attacks and pressure from Sen. John McCain [Unlink] and others to make sure the strikes impacted Syria’s President Bashar Assad.

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Meanwhile President Putin is to send Russian delegates to persuade US Congress about Syria

Just a month ago, President Barack Obama canceled a peace conference with Russia due to his doubts that the country was serious about the discussion. Now, the shoe is on the other foot as Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to send delegates to the United States to talk to Congress about Syria.

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