Somaliland: GTZ Dates Planting Project Initiated in Sahil Region


Dates are not new to Somaliland as the picture shows a healthy tree in Hiss district Sanaag region/photo by Yusuf M Hasan

By: Guleid A Maher

BERBERA (Somalilandsun) – The Republic of Somaliland will soon cease importing dates.

This was informed by the minister of Agriculture in Berbera where he is leading a delegation of ministry staff with the purpose of initiating a program by German NGO (GIZ) to plant dates in some districts of Sahil the delegation is now based at Beeyo – Dhadher, Ramlo, Burao Kibir and other environs surrounding these hamlets which are in Berbera district of Sahil region.

The minister who has so far held awareness raising meetings with the inhabitants of these villages and pin-pointed the benefits of the landmark Dates project for both residents and nation said “Am optimistic of the success of this venture”

Prof GedooleThe minister was speaking on telephone to Somaliland news agency –SOLNA whereby he revealed the intention of his ministry to plant dates in that region for her suitability to do well in that type of climatic condition.

Somalilanders are big consumers of dates that are mostly imported from the Arabian gulf and the success of this project will not only reverse the trend but will also enhance local livelihoods of producing area residents but result in the availability of the commodity at lower costs.