Somaliland: Governor Jeeni-yere Warns Galayd Group against Insurgency Acts



By:M.A Egge

The people of Taleeh have been cordially advised to shun the Galeydh and Ina Issa duo hence desist from their aims of acts of insurgency.

They were likewise re-assured that their peace and stability would not be rendered as under by the insurgent Khatumoist movement since the national security apparatus was at place.

Both the advice and assurance were made by Hargeisa Regional Governor Mohamed Mohamud a.k.a. Jeeni-yare in an exclusive interview with DMG over the week.

Governor Jeeni-yare further told our sister paper Dawan, “That so called meeting cannot be held”, and underscored, “will not be hold”.

He was irked by the fact that the secessionist project fueled by the enemies of the land was again trying to put their objectives into action after severally flopping, something that perturbs the whole populace.

Prof GalaydhHe clarified the fact that the Khatumoists had no tangible powers to turn tables on the political status of the country neither were they capable of making any impact in the Sool region of Taleeh.

He urged the area residents to be vigilant and do their utmost best to be solidly united hence keep the Khatumoists at bay.

He scoffed at claims that the Khatumoists had abrogated Garad Jama’s Chieftaincy.

“They have no mandate to defrock him for the Garaad inherited his sultanhood,” said Governor Jeeni-yare, testifying to the natural heirdom in local chieftaincy.

He said that Galaydh and company were only out to seek spoils of havoc which would only set back development.

In the recent months, Ali Galaid who happens to be an MP in Mogadishu has expressed mixed sentiments that only add confusion on his political motives. One time he is against Mogadishu and what it stands for the and the next he sponsors a motion to curtail SL/Somalia talks, and then next he hints of coming back to his country of origin only to go public hinting monkey games!

Completely way out of normal political and personal integrity of a supposedly educated man with a long streak of high executive and political posts!