Somaliland: Gafadi’s Candidature Goes against Kulmiye Party Reconciliatory Accords- Warfaa


MP Warfaa

Somalilandsun – A member of the House of Representatives who also doubles as Vice-chairman of the ruling party’s central committee has strongly opposed the declaration of interest of Mr Gafadi in vying for party’s supreme committee’s which he said is against the goodwill resolutions reached by the conciliatory committee.

Hon. Mohammud Jama Warfaa has termed the candidature of Hassan Gafadhi as a wrong move that negates the unity of the party in addition to contravening the negotiated democracy modeled by the reconciliation commit after bickering and infighting among the top party’s elites.

The parliamentarian while speaking to DMG over the week called upon Gafadhi to reconsider his interest after the later declared interest in the national first Vice chairperson’s positions.

Mr. Warfa feared that if the candidature of Gafadhi is commenced then internal conflicts and renewed bickering would be witnessed to the detriment of party’s unity and cohesiveness.

The National Delegates Conference is schedule to take place from tomorrow the 28 of April 2014 at Maansoor Hotel and elections of positions are not earmarked to feature among the agendas to be tabled in the national convention.