Somaliland: Government to Execute Death Penalty Cases


the Deputy Minister for Security Affairs Mr. Ali Mohamed Elmi

By: Mahmoud H. Qodah

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland government declared in this week that it will soon execute all the legal verdicts on death penalty, which were issued by country’s discretionary courts.

This has been confirmed by the Deputy Minister for Security Affairs Mr. Ali Mohamed Elmi, as reports added that around 70 people sentenced to death penalty are currently in Somaliland’s detention centers.
The minister noted, “All the criminals who have been sentenced to death penalty by the Judiciary branch – which is the mandatory institution – will be soon implemented by the government, as we are dramatically establishing the death execution centers for those sentenced culprits. This will be a good lesson to learn for those who claim that previous death penalty cases weren’t applied and that those cases can’t be enforced, and use this as a pretext to easily commit a homicide. Killing innocent people are a crime against humanity and every person who is guilt of such offense will be sentenced to death.”
Minister Elmi added that such operations are part of a reform made by the Ministry of Interior. He added that the ministry will similarly execute all other verdicts issued by the courts as we {the Ministry} and the police agreed that such measures will foster internal security.
Eventually the minister sent a warning message to those who habitually commit crimes and told them that they will face harsh and unforgiving punishment.
Mahmoud H. Qodah