Somaliland: Government to Enhance Judicial Services


Court personel set major skills developmentBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The judicial service is exploring avenues to eliminate corruption within its ranks.

This was informed by the chief Justice Yusuf Ismail Ali during an interview with Dawan reporter Feisal Hiis Weerar “Afgab” in Hargeisa where he also refuted media claims that he stormed out of a Judicial commission meeting held at the ministry of Justice on Tuesday.

The chief Justice said that there was no way he could have stormed out of the meeting that was deliberating on important issues pertaining to the enhancement of judicial services in the country, Said he, “I took part in whole deliberations that are very important to my office”

Justice Yusuf Ismail informed that during the second sitting of the Judicial Commission citizens’ complaints against bribery demands for legal services at courts of laws in the country were discussed.

The chief justice said that while the judiciary is not as corrupt as used to be two years ago, it is imperative that an awareness campaign program be instituted in order to raise public awareness on the negative impact of paying bribery for services at courts.

Apart from usual briefings on current status other issues discussed by the judiciary commission included the enhancement of judicial service provision at all levels nationwide especially as it relates to the skills development of paralegals.

While asking citizens to report any bribery demands by court officials the chief justice further informed the country’s judicial service is independent thus an impartial service provider.

A number of publications in Hargeisa posted reports indicating that an argument that ensued at the meeting resulted in the Chief Justice storming out in anger.

During a press conference held after conclusion of the meeting the Minister of Justice Hon Hussein Ahmed Aideed said that the commission met after order of the president thus resolve continued complaints by members of the public as per continued demands for briberies from court officials.

The minister, who informed that action will be taken as per the recommendations of the meeting, revealed that his ministry will continuously provide in-house training for its personnel as a prelude to ensuring provision of apt services.