Somaliland: Blast Rocks Las Anod Town


Blast siteBy: Yusuf M Hasan

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – A water bowser has been destroyed by a land mine.

The water bowser that was ferrying water to residents of South Las anod town was completely destroyed after it stepped on a mine.

According to reports by police in the capital of Sool region who appeared at the site immediately the explosion occurred have detained a number of people suspected of the heinous act.

Ramaasnews sources indicate that the whole area has been sealed tight by police who while conducting investigations as per the reason behind the act are also fearful that other land mines might be in place.

Las anod town that has of late been engulfed in assassinations of public servants is now starting to see civilians become targets.

Rouge elements of the defeated Khatuumo militias who are believed to be behind these heinous act seem to have an agenda of aggravating their attacks especially after a peace deal was struck between their former allies of the SSC and the government of Somaliland