Somaliland: Government to Avail Fire Power to the Navy


Even with minimal and outdated firepower the national Coast guard has managed to keep pirates and Unmionists at bay

By: Moody Boodle

SALAL (Somalilandsun) – The Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran-adde while opening the training program of Somaliland Navy Officers announced that the Government plans to acquire new warships for the navy to provide security patrol along the Somaliland waters.

The minister disclosed in the inauguration ceremony “You have already undertaken a previous training on board the British ship so now we are planning for you to captain your own ships” he said.

The training that navy officers are now taking is basically on strategic ways of securing Somaliland waters. “Your training is meant to make the Somaliland waters a safe passage for international ships” he added.

The shore of Somaliland is estimated to be 800km and bears with it minerals, fish etc.

Unfortunately in the past we had no mean to utilize but we now endeavor to harvest our national treasures.

Waranade A fishing ship belonging to Egypt docked at the Zeilah port with intentions to start fishing illegally was turned away thus the vessel named MV Abu Ulya which weighs 70 tons was turned away before docking at Zeilah port two days ago.

The Salal region security personnel pushed the ship back into deep waters as part of the Regional Security to curb out the fish pirates.

The Deputy General of Salal said “security officers guarding the sea pushed the vessel back to deep waters because the ministry of Fisheries has not shown us the required documents authorizing the vessel to carry fishing in our territorial waters’.