Somaliland: Borame Convicts Surpass Prison Capacity


Borame prison guards say local facility congested

By: Moody Bodle

BORAMA (Somalilandsun) – Prisoners were moved from the Borama prison to Mandera maximum prison because the later was congested and held more inmates than meant for the facility.

The remaining prisoners were divided again so that the facility boarded the number that it was supposed to accommodate in the first instance.

The prisoners were yesterday transferred under the supervision of General Mohammed Hussein Farah (Hirane) of the Custodial Corps who went to evaluate the facility in Borama/ Awdal region.

He told latter told the press that the prison could only accommodate 200 inmates but held double that number.

He added that the custodial officers will be transferred in Hargeisa, Borama and Las-anod.

Hirane, said “we will introduce new methods to make the officers and inmates interact and work together and provide vocational trainings in carpentry, masonry & others in the near future.