Somaliland: Government Statement on the Situation in Saaxdheer and Eastern Parts of the Country


Somalilandsun – Following the tensions that arose in Eastern Somaliland in June, the same actors have sought to undermine the stability and territorial integrity of Somaliland by continuing to provoke local conflict and engage in terrorist activities. Ali Khalif and other spoilers in the “Khatumo” rebel movement have ignored attempts to resolve differences through peaceful dialogue and instead continued operating in the Eastern Regions in order to undermine the peace and stability experienced in Somaliland.
The democratically elected Government of the Republic of Somaliland has the sovereign authority and political legitimacy to maintain peace, protect its citizens, and has the right to intervene within the borders of its territory. The Government of the Republic of Somaliland has clearly stated that it is committed to the peaceful resolution of all disputes and welcomes all opportunities to engage in dialogue with local actors and its neighbours.
However, the “Khatumo” rebel movement has sought to create tension, incite violence and cause civil unrest in parts of Sool region of Eastern Somaliland, which will not be tolerated by the Government of the Republic of Somaliland. The recent violence in Saaxdheer was a direct result of the “Khatumo” rebel movement’s presence in the town, which raised tensions amongst local actors.
We call on the international community to request that the “Khatumo” rebel movement and its supporters desist from any further acts that seek to cause tensions and incite civil unrest in Saaxdheer village of Eastern Somaliland. The international community, Somaliland and its neighbours have a shared interest in maintaining the peace and stability that has been evident in Somaliland for over 23 years.
Saeed Ali Muse
Communications Officer
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Republic of Somaliland