Somaliland: Don’t Interfere in our Internal Affairs, State warns Somalia and IC


The International Community-IC has no moral rights to lecture us on our integrity, declares UCID Chairman Feisal as Prompt and appropriate rebuttal comes lacking from foreign ministry

Somaliland Information Minister Abdilahi Ukuse urged his Somalia counterpart Duhulow should desist on issues Somaliland and concentrate on educating Mogadishu on how to live with foreign occupiers

By M.A. Egge
HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government of the Republic of Somaliland has strongly warned Somalia and foreigners to steer away from and not interfere with the country’s internal affairs. It also hinted that the SL – Somalia talks has now been put in jeopardy.
On the same note SL has scoffed at UN, US and EU representatives who similarly breached the country’s integral sovereignty.
“This country is a sovereign entity which has earned its independence by dearly and costly shedding of blood”, said Information, Culture and National Guidance Minister Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse who is also the official national government spokesperson by virtue of his portfolio.
In a hard hitting statement he aired through the media in a press conference, Hon. U’kuse poured scorn on his SFG counterpart; Mustaffa Ali Duhul’s words that infringed upon SL’s sovereignty were more or less direct translations of the US, UN and EU area representatives Messrs James P. McAnulty, Nicoals Kay and Michel Cervoned’Urso.
The foreigners asked SL government to withdraw her security forces from Saah-deer whereby they were quelling insurgency; a location which is part and parcel of the territory of this nation!

The covert rulers of Somalia and overtly  US UN and EU area representatives Messrs James P. McAnulty Nicholas Kay and Michel Cervone dUrso
“It is the fight and subsequent ouster of SIyad Barre that earn SL her reclamation of independence,” thundered Hon. U’kuse, and added, “Somalia who has no hold over her own backyard has no right to indulge in our internal affairs”.
The minister said, “Saahdeer is part and parcel of Somaliland SL did not owe anyone the essence of its being”. He said that SL belonged to the people and nation of Somaliland.
“Just as we fought hard for it hence shed a lot of blood would we defend our existence”.
He said that “we make it clear to everyone that SL’s sovereignty must be respected and her internal affair concerns her own jurisdiction”.
The minister wondered how Somalia, where there were thousands of Amisom ground forces troop, who have not been able to secure her own territory, would venture into SL’s internal affairs.
Upon blocking the insurgents Khatumoists from inaugurating her leadership within SL territory, the country’s forces managed to expel them and apprehending thirty people in the cause.
After a successful flushing out of the insurgents who wanted to create a mini- state within SL the mentioned US, UN and EU representatives to Somaliland/Somalia diplomats “urged the SL forces to withdraw” from Saah-deer. They also asked for “peaceful conciliatory efforts” as means of addressing the situation.
Ironically, Mogadishu’s Duhul echoed almost the exact words.
Hon. U’kuse told the foreign diplomats, precisely addressing Nicolas Kay that “SL was steadfast in bolstering bilateral relations but her sovereignty was integral”.
The minister hinted that with the SFG rhetoric, the SL-Somalia Turkish talks were on the rocks.
“The continuation of the Turkish SL-Somalia talks has had its future seriously damaged”, he said.
He was particularly concerned that the support the Galaydh faction received to create mini-state in SL was from the Mogadishu government with the blessing of their presidency.
A half-a day earlier, on the evening of Friday, UCID chairman Feisal Ali-warabe hitted hard at both the SFG and the said diplomats.

L-R  Following the silence of Foreign minister Mohamed Behi the UCID party leader Eng Feisal Ali Warabe came  out in fiery defence and support of governments action against Khatumo in Saahdheer
Mr. Feisal explained that earlier on the Khatumoists held their meeting cum selection of a mini-state leader over the border, in Ethiopia. He defended the government saying it had all the legitimate rights to defend its territories, hence out rightly flush out the insurgents who were out to wreck peaceful stability.
The politician was particularly angry with the US, UN and EU reps hence quipped, “They have no moral rights to lecture us on our internal management given that the IC never helped us at all in the past 23 years”.
He noted that the SL-Ethiopia border was amongst the most stable hence this country was out to maintain the peaceful harmony prevalent.
Curiously, the ministry of foreign affairs could not promptly comment on this affair to which they are charged with. Our sister paper DAWAN cried foul in its editorial of yesterday’s issue dated 30th Augusst 2014.
Several calls from amongst our readers hailed both Faisal and Hon. U’kuse hence expressed dismay on the lack of the foreign department’s sentiments.
Despite the fact that it released a press release a day later (back-dated), it did not touch nor rebut appropriately the words from the SFG, UN, US or the EU anywhere in its wordings.
Mr. Ali Abdi Noor who phoned us said, “We praise Feisal and U’kuse who have defended us justifiably”.
A clergy, Sheikh Ibrahim Jama said that he was dumbfounded that the foreign department had kept mum on the issue.
When we informed him that the minister was away he spat back questioning, “Can’t he express our sentiments from wherever he was or were there no deputies or officials?”
On the same note a local bus driver, Abdirahman Mohammed Sheikh appealed to the president to revitalize the ministry.
“Of late the people are not happy with the foreign affairs ministry,” and added, “We implore the President to pep it up or overhaul it for it reflects our aspirations”.
Whatever the case, just as the minister echoed Mr. Feisal words and just as our readers are concerned, Somalilanders are known to be together when it comes to their aspirations hence can never disintegrate.