Somaliland: Government Solicits Kuwaiti Drought Relief Support


Severe drought in Somaliland has affected both Human and livestock

Somalilandsun- A delegation comprising ministers and member of the nation drought committee are in Kuwait to solicit related drought relief.
They on a mission to drum up support for Somaliland’s drought bitten citizens who are suffering the worst famine to have hit the Horn of Africa region for decades. Hardest hit are the eastern region of the country which has suffered the blunt of this disaster. Many hundred of thousands of inhabitants have fled their homes as a result of endemic drought which has wiped out most of their livestock. Many are now camped in western urban regions in destitution having lost their livelihood. The government of Somaliland is in a very tight spot as most of her people are now suffering starvation. The minister of Foreign Affairs and his Health counterpart and member of The National Drought Committee are on their way to Kuwait to seek assistance.
Somaliland ministers of presidency Foreign affairs and Health and members of the national drought relief committee are in the Delegation to Kuwait This was confirmed by presidency Minister Mr. Mohammed Hashi Abdi who left later in the evening to join his colleagues during a press briefing at the Egal International Airport in Hargeisa