Somaliland: Government Denies List of Subversive Citizens


Gen Fadal (R)flanked by the National and Hargeisa attorney generals deny debarring 16 citizensThe exposed stamped paper named 16 Diaspora based and purportedly Subversive Citizens with Greater Somalia Sympathies that the government had debarred from entry into the country

By: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The purported list of 16 citizens identified to have be sympathetic to Re-union with Somalia is a shame and baseless propaganda.

This is according to three senior government officials namely the police commissioner Brigadier General Abdilahi Fadal Iman, Deputy attorney general Mr Aden Ahmed Muse and Maroodi-jeeh (Hargeisa) region Attormey general Mr Ahmed Isman Mirre.

According to a press statement released by the three officers the timing of releasing the fake list concides with the president Silanyo’s visigt to the UK thus a gimmick to raise anger among diaspora landers.

The document alleged to have been the work of the Hargeisa region Attorney general’s office states that the people whose names are shown in the list have actively been destabilizing Somaliland and have published rumours and material that created friction among the Somaliland public.

Those in the list are people include well known website site owners , journalists , poets , former freedom fighters and ordinary citizens that live outside Somaliland

While the senior officers denied the debarring of any citizen the officially stamped letter for the office of the Maroodi-jeeh regional attorney general’s office leaves a lot to be desired not as pertains to the denial but as to how official documents were leaked to the press.

According to medeshivalley website  Those said to be banned are:

1- Habil Abdi Haybe

2- Mohamed Abdi Hassan Dirdhaba (Halbeeg News)

3- Ibrahim Nuuh Hussein (Dakhare)

4- Ibrahim Isse Talabo

5- Mohamed ibrahim Aden Qabo

6-Abdilfatah Saeed Ahmed

7- Abdirashi Ali Hamari

8- Abdi Aden Adde

9- Hassan Mohamed Finiin

10- Saeed Sh . Abukar (Ilkajiir)

11- Nasser Isse Geeljire

12- Shamis Qardajeeh

13- Sahra Ahmed Mohamed (Sahra Halgan)

14- Anwar Sh . Abdalle

15- Faduma Suldan

16- Hamse Ahmed Salaan