Somaliland: Government Calls Halts to ICC Cases against Kenyan Leaders


President Silanyo receives the Kenyan delegation at his offices in Hargeisa Nov 7th 2013

By: Mohamoud H. Qodah

Hargeisa (Somalilandsun) – Somaliland government declared its stance on the legal trial of International Criminal Court (ICC) against Kenyan President and his Vice in Hague where they are indicted of incitement of mass killings of more than 1,300 people in 2007 presidential elections.

Somaliland government called for the prosecutions of Kenya’s and Sudan’s presidents by the International Criminal Court to be halted, amid complaints the body has only ever pursued Africans.

Somaliland’s Foreign Minister and International Cooperation Mr. Mohamed Bihi Yonis speaking to the media after president’s meeting with Kenyan delegation told that President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo has on today received Kenya’s fact finding mission at the presidential palace where both parties discussed the historic ties between the 2 brotherly countries – Somaliland and Kenya.

Mr. Bihi added that government of Somaliland declared their view on the legal charge against Kenya’s leadership including President of Kenya Mr. Kenyatta and his Vice Mr. Ruto and pointed out that its injustice to prosecute Kenya’s head of state and his Vice in Hague by the International Criminal Court.

“It’s not fair to prosecute and put Kenyan leaders on trail at Hague by ICC in Holland. We significantly stand by president of Kenya Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and his Vice Mr. Ruto against unjust indictment relating to indiscriminate killings of demonstrators.” Foreign Minister added,

ICC has postponed hearings of charges against President of Kenya and his Vice from this week on 12 November to 5 February in the next year 2014.

In their recent conference Addis Ababa on October 12 of this year, African Union (AU) denounced ICC of injustice for the leaders in Africa and demanded withdrawal of court hearings against Kenyan and Sudan leaders by ICC.

Kenyan government has recently decamped of the membership of ICC after the court confirmed charges linking to the killing of dozens of protesters against Kenya’s top leadership.

Mr. Bihi added that Somaliland President Ahmed Silanyo and the Kenyan delegation have discussed how the government of Kenya and the other regional governments in the horn will make an effort to put aspirations and the will of Somaliland’s people on the agenda.

“We have talked how countries in the horn including Kenya will put an effort on Somaliland’s recognition factor.”

Head of Kenya’s fact finding mission who spoke to the media stated how they are very impressive about their historic trip to the Republic of Somaliland and their warm reception by the government of Somaliland and its people.

“After our missions’ visit to Somaliland ended, I promise to report the achievements, development inspirations, and the will of the people of Somaliland to get international recognition back to the government and the people of Kenya.” This was said by MS Ann Nyokabi a Kenyan Member of parliament who is leading a nine member delegation composed of legislators, Government officials and personal advisor to the Kenyan vice president who came and responded an official invitation by Somaliland government on Thursday.