relentlessly three misinformation that leaders of Somalia have been
telling the world since Somaliland withdrew from the disastrous union it
created in 1960 with Somalia on May 18, 1991 to deny Somaliland of
recognition. If the three misinformation are refuted and eliminated,
Somaliland will be recognized:

1. FIRST MISINFORMATION: That Somaliland was a province of Somalia to label
it with secessionism or separatism while in fact Somaliland was separate
colony from Somalia named Somaliland British protectorate for 76 years and
became independent country in Africa before Somalia achieving independence
and recognition on June 26, 1960 when Somalia was still Italian colony and
achieved independence on July 1, 1960. The proclamation of Somaliland
independence granted by the colonizing power (Great Britain) is shown
below. How Somaliland Republic, becoming independent and recognized country
by the world on June 26, 1960 before Somalia, become a province of Somalia?
Illogical argument.

2. SECOND MISINFORMATION: That the recognition of Somaliland will open
Pandora’s Box in Africa to encourage secessionists or separatists to change
the borders of the continent of Africa implying that Somaliland was
secessionist province that broke away from Somalia. If Nyanza Province of
Kenya or Arusha Region of Tanzania or Puntland province of Somalia secedes
or breaks away from their own respective countries, they would definitely
qualify to be secessionists, separatists or breakaways and that would
change or shift the colonial borders of Africa inherited from European
colonial powers thus creating instability and political unrest in the
continent of Africa as those provinces share history, colonial borders,
independence and recognition with their own motherlands.

But Somaliland was older country than Somalia in Africa in achieving
independence before Somalia in 1960 as its proclamation of independence
shows below. The independence and recognition of Somaliland will be based
on Somaliland British protectorate colonial borders and will not influence
secessionism or separatism in Africa but will enhance the African
Conference of 1964 for reaffirming Africa colonial borders to keep the
security, peace and stability of the continent [The location of Somaliland
in the Horn of Africa determines its borders. It lies between 08°00′ –
11°30′ parallel North of the Equator (Latitudes)] and between 42°45′ –
49°00′ Meridian East of Greenwich (Longitudes). How the independence and
recognition of Somaliland based on its legitimate colonial borders will
open Pandora’s Box for secessionists or separatists while the independence
and recognition of all African countries are based on their colonial
borders? Illogical argument too.

3. THIRD MISINFORMATION: That Somaliland accepted the terms of the union
set by Somalia in 1960 that it cannot withdraw from the failed union. There
were no terms set between the two countries in 1960 at all. Somaliland
initiated the unification between the two countries in 1960 then Somalia
violated the conditions of fair power-sharing of the failed union by
hijacking it for the 30 years of its existence (1960-1990) and inflicted
genocide and destructions against Somaliland people after raising
grievances against injustice and oppression. Somaliland withdrew from that
union after bloody war of liberation on May 18, 1991. Hence, how Somaliland
which was the initiator or host of the union accepted terms dictated or set
by Somalia which was the guest or invitee to the union? Illogical argument
again. If one side had to set terms to the other side, it would have been
Somaliland because it initiated the birth of the failed union.

Now with the three-misinformation refuted and eliminated, Somaliland
Government and Somaliland expats around the world must fight back too to
refute and eliminate the misinformation so that Somaliland will be
recognized soon, In Shaa Allah. There is no way to go back. Somaliland
returning to the disastrous union is like the Sun rising in the West.
Somaliland cannot let Somalia abuse it with the independence it achieved
before it and with the failed union it created.

Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
November 7, 2022


  1. All the points Mr Ibrahim Hassan Gagale has mentioned are not valid nor winnable arguments this is the reason why the world doesn’t take us serious nor legitimate as we propaganda false narratives like these arguments
    The reason why we can’t withdraw from a union it’s bc we were one country before the British and the Italians came to our territory and divided us into British somaliland and Italian somaliland there was never two different countries somaliland and Somalia but one somaliland became Somalia the British side and the Italian side became Somalia if some how somaliland leaves the union the southern somalis want to go back to their original name which isn’t Somalia but somaliland the snm and their goons try to convince us there were somaliland and Somalia but people know the truth