Somaliland: Government Accused of Sending Wrong Signal on unity with Somalia


By: Guleid Abdi Maher

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The opposition Somaliland National Party (Wadani) has accused the government for sending a wrong signal to the international community purportedly showing that Somaliland is tilted towards merger or future reunion with the federal government of Somalia.

In a press statement signed by its vice- chairman Mr. Ahmed Mumin Seed, Wadani lashed out at Interior Minister Hon. Ali Mohammed Waran-ade’s threats and reminded him to concentrate on the country’s lax security situation instead of haunting the opposition.

Mr. Mumin Seed accused the government of H.E Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud (Silanyo) for complicity to auction Somaliland’s sovereignty in broad day light by not coming out clean on the talks he initiated with the federal Republic of Somalia. He added that the president is not honest on his ideological stand concerning Somaliland re-unification with hostile Somalia.

The party hawk said that the Kulmiye regime has failed to quench the republic’s thirst for independence by failing to address the nation about their memorandum of understanding with the Mogadishu regime.

He argued that when the talks were on going the president sent a handpicked delegation that were sympathetic to the greater Somalia cause by removing original patriotic members in the team who had SL in their hearts.

He also accused the minister of internal security Hon Ali Waran’ade for lacking principles and reminded him that he was the one who destroyed the former ruling party (UDUB) and now wants to destroy Somaliland.

Mr. Ahmed Mumin Seed concluded by telling the minister that he has failed his responsibilities and that he should not look for scape-goat in the opposition political party.