Somaliland: Glover Park Group Contracted to Handle Government Public Relations Services


Foreign Minister Dr Omar to work closely with Glover ParkSomalilandsun- The quest for international has taken a higher dimension as the government hires an international company to handle its campaign designed to gain international recognition of Somaliland’s self-asserted sovereign status-Editor

The Ministry of Presidential Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland has signed a lobbying and communications contract with Glover Park Group,

according to a new filing with the Department of Justice. Somaliland is a self-declared, unrecognized state — officially. The country’s quasi-independent status dates from the beginning of the Somali Civil War, when former president Siad Barre began massacring citizens of the region. Somaliland declared independence in 1991 amid the collapse of the Somali government, but it has not been recognized by any foreign states or international organizations.

Glover Park Group will work on government relations and public relations services on behalf of Somaliland — presumably on a campaign designed to gain international recognition of the region’s self-asserted sovereign status. Somaliland is paying Glover Park Group $22,500 per month — a relative bargain in the international sovereign space where retaining a top-tier lobbying and PR firm can run as high as $90,000 per month.