Somaliland: GETCO Open Letter of Appeal to President For Justice


What Discourages ‘Business Innovation’ Corruption, abuse of power and coercive power is happening due to lack of knowledge
Fishing Boats in Berbera Coast

somalilandsun- In this paper, Somaliland Contractors Association, would like to enlighten the ‘president of So-maliland the existed social injustice and tribal-based coercive powers committed by one of your  cabinet ministries—The vice Minister of Ministry of Livestock, who is currently holding illegally GETCO’s fishing boats that were arrested in Berbera Marine Hub. GETCO submitted its petition to the Attorney General in mid 2015 and no action has been taken, it also submitted another petition to Supreme court in early 2016. but unfortunately, both institutions failed to bring to justice to this minister to inquiry the ownership and why he gave orders to arrest two fishing boats belonged by GETCO in January 2015.

getcos fish processing plant in berbera 5 638He also captured Berbera Fish Processing plant in which he captured and assigned his tribal men. All company’s equipment’s including ‘5 Ton Capacity Ice-Block Making Machine, New Electric Generator, pipelines and other fishing accessories were partially or completely stained in more than 19 months of illegal seizure. GETCO’s Fishing Business was established by—Ahmed Osman—a former UN staff member and his intention was to change and develop fishery sector and at same time, establish new value chain process as described on ‘Somaliland Investment Guide.Continue reading