Ethiopia, Lalibela. Exclusive video showing three UFOs in the sky of Ethiopia in the area of Lalibela.


UFO over Lalibela

-Following supposed clashes in Awadheye town between Ethiopian troops and OLF fighters the popular Khat had difficulties reaching Somaliland where it is widely chewed.

Thus Monday the 1st of August 2016 saw hotel operators in the capital Hargeisa enjoy massive profits after finishing food before 6pm since most people who chew the stimulant herb from Ethiopia turned to food, for the small quantity of Khat distributed had tripled in price.

while hotels were enjoying a number business others like Somalilandsun turned to web browsing Ethiopian news to grasp the anomaly that had affected daily life in Somaliland so adversely and though tut it’s about skirmishes here and there were found, an amazing discovery of three unidentified Flying Objects traversing over historic LALIBELA was amazing.

While we can not independently verify authenticity Read and watch below about the strange three UFOs in the sky of Ethiopia flying in military pattern over Centuries old LALIBELA 

Ethiopia, Lalibela. Exclusive video 

In the heart of Ethiopia is situated one of its holiest towns, known as Lalibela, where a group of eleven monolithic rock-hewn churches stand. They are the biggest monolithic temples in the world, and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, yet much mystery still surrounds their construction.

The age of these buildings is unknown, but legends mention that they were excavated during the reign of Gebre Mesqel Lalibela , who ruled Ethiopia at the beginning of the 13 th century AD. His name means ‘the bees recognize him as a king’. However, David Phillipson, professor of African archeology at Cambridge University, has proposed that the churches of Merkorios, Gabriel-Rufael, and Danagel were initially carved out of the rock half a millennium earlier, as fortifications or other palace structures in the waning days of the Axumite Kingdom, and that Lalibela’s name simply came to be associated with him after his death.

All eleven churches are arranged in two groups and are connected with passageways 11 meters (36 feet) deep. The largest church, the house of Medhane, stands at a height of 10 meters (33 feet), and is 33 meters (108 feet) long and 22 meters (72 feet) wide.

According to legends, an angel came and asked Lalibela to build the churches. Men and angels worked together to construct them, the men working through the day and the angels working through the night. The churches were hewn out of solid rock from top to bottom, excavated externally and internally, and carved in different styles.

Legends claim the churches were built in 24 years, however, archaeologists consider this impossible. Even today, accomplishing this work using carbon steel tipped chisels & diamond blades would be remarkable. There are also many other peculiarities about its construction, such as the fact that the massive amount of stone and earth that would have had to be removed from around the churches and from their hollowed out interiors, was nowhere to be found.

3 ufos over LALIBELA The excavation of such wondrous buildings raises many important questions such as: How were the buildings carved using simple tools? Where was the excavated stone and earth carried to? How were the stones carried away? Where did the accounts of ‘angels’ originate? And, why were these remarkable buildings constructed in the first place?

Some scholars estimate it would have taken a 40,000 man workforce to build the churches; local legends claim that human workers labored the daylight hours away, with celestial beings taking over for night duty, doing double the amount of labor of their human counterparts, enabling the churches to be built at incredible speed.

The design of these eleven ‘medieval’ churches is indeed very unique. Each church of the eleven rock-hewn churches also still has its original tabot from the time of Lalibela. A tabot is an important item in the worship of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church: it is a replica of the Ark of the Covenant described in the Holy Bible.

Exclusive video showing three UFOs in the sky of Ethiopia in the area of Lalibela.