Somaliland: Garadag Women Donate to Erigavo Road Fund


Erigavo Burao Road construction begins starting  between the Erigavo stadium and Freedom Garden

By A.A.Jama

ERIGAVO-(Somalilandsun)-The mayor of Gar-adag Mr. Farah Adan Ise has thanked members of the women fraternity who hail from the district for their donation towards the construction of Erigavo road based in Burao. They handed over unspecified amount of money to the organizing committee of Erigavo road construction.

The mayor took opportunity of the occasion to appeal to the residents of Gar-adag district to do the same gesture and emulate the ladies.

The area residents similarly expressed similar sentiments. The latter half of last year has seen Somalilanders from within the country and abroad making profound donations for maintaining roads in the whole nation.

The mayor added that the government would always play its roll hence supplement sufficiently on the peoples’ efforts while noting that civil servants too eked some token to the cause out of their salaries.