Somaliland: Doha in National Library Fundraiser


Design Concept of proposed Somaniland national Library

By: Yusuf M Hasan

DOHA (Somalilandsun) – The Somaliland Community in Qatar is invited to a fundraising event in support of the Somaliland National Library.

The Fundraiser which is open to not only Somaliland citizens but all well-wishers of the upcoming national library in Hargeisa shall be held at the Grand Regal hotel (between Dawaara Kutub & Sanaa Signals) in Doha Qatar from 6.30pm on 24th 01-2014.

The fundraiser which is organized by Somalilander youths in Qatar shall be graced by senior officials of the Somaliland National Library construction organizing committee who will brief on activities undertaken so far.

While urging your participation we also urge prompt time keeping avoiding unnecessary delays.

doha Somaliland natinal library fundraiser invitation

For more details kindly contact Abdala Abu Haniifa via

Somaliland National Library

The proposed library will be an investment in peace.

A step toward entrenching peace by providing kids, students and adults with an ambient place where they can go and read or borrow a book and improve their life chances through education. It is an architectural demonstration of dividend of peace, an escape from the numbing talk on conflict.This will be the first public library since 1980s to operate in Hargeisa. The only small library built by the Egyptians still lies in ruin and partly occupied by internally displaced refugees. The new library will serve a population of almost a million people, majority of whom are below the age of 25. It will serve the whole of Somaliland through active programme of regional and institutional libraries and mobile library units. This will also including a camel caravan library for the nomadic pastoralists around the count

For more information on the proposed national library and prototype picture visit

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