Somaliland: Gangsters Butcher Youth on Eve of Graduation


By Mohamoud Hasan Qodah

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – Hargeisa police have detained three youths suspected of the gangsters like brutal killing of the late Mustafa Abdi Hassan , in the 26th June Estate of the city the day he, victim graduated from Hargeisa university last week.

The three currently under investigation by police are suspected of being part of the four gang member that according to a young girl accompanying the deceased, “The four beat Mustafa with stones and after he fell down they stabbed him several times with knives thence his death”

“Four young men stopped us and asked him to give them the mobile he was carrying. Mustafa refused to that. They tried to take his mobile by force and when he resisted, they started beating with stones and then stabbed him with knives.” The young girl told the police.

She added that the gangsters fled away after her people from nearby houses responded to her cries for help.

According to those who arrived at the scene “Blood was all over the body of the young man. He was bleeding. The police came late to the scene. “

Mustafa Abdi Hassan was a graduate from Hargeisa University, who received his degree last week.

In a similar incident a man in his twenties was stabbed to death by an unknown assailant at the centre of Hargeisa on Thursday morning. The body of the victim who died on the spot was carried away by police a short while after the stabbing. No arrests have been made for this attack.