Somaliland: From Rubbles to Independence in 25 Years


Somaliland Sun – As Somaliland commemorates 25 years of independence It’s time to celebrate – but also time to take stock of the challenges ahead – politically, economically and socially as well,”

But for its Environment Minister Shukri H. Ismail Mohamoud, who returned to Somaliland from exile in the US 23 years ago to become one of the first seven members of the National Electoral Commission, says Somalilanders know who they are.

“Sometimes you feel neglected, but we recognize ourselves from inside ourselves, we recognize ourselves from our hearts and from our minds,” she says. “But first of all, we recognized it ourselves, a long time ago—25 years ago.
This per a report covering the silver jubilee anniversary of independence in Hargeisa titled Somaliland rises from the rubble, 25 years after ‘independence’