Somaliland: Fresh Sufficient Water for Hingalool Residents


By: Hasan O Horri

HINGALOOL (Somalilandsun) – Years of insufficient and dirty water for Hingalool residents has been reversed.

The reversal comes after a borehole that has lain without functioning for a number of years was rehabilitated courtesy of Passa Weyn Organization and area residents.

The Borehole rehabilitated with funds from area residents in the Diaspora is now supplying residents of Hingalool town with Sufficient and clean drinking water thus bringing an end to sufferings of residents who used to walk lengthily distances in pursuit of the life giving commodity.

While thanking all those who took part in rehabilitating the borehole area residents said that the onerous responsibility of ensuring the borehole current maintenance is sustained rests with them.

Hingalool which is the district headquarters of the district of Sanaag region similarly named (Hingalool) has suffered acute water shortage in the recent past which has been exacerbated by continued droughts.