Somaliland: Freedom of Expression Suppression and Gender Based Violence Unabated in 2020-HRC Report

HRC Somaliland 2020 annual review report

Somalilandsun: Freedom of expression does not get any better in Somaliland since Arrests of journalists, closure of media houses and restriction of public opinion through demonstration continues unabated

Similarly in Somaliland whose constitution has a preamble that upholds the tenets of equality and justice including rights of women
cases of SGBV and GBV increased this year.

This is per the just released  Human Rights Centre -HRC annual Report that covers comprehensively diverse  human
rights issues in Somaliland during the year 2020.

The Report is a result of the daily documentation, interviews of survivors, experts and government officials, and review of official documents such as court judgments.

In her second year at the helm as chairperson Ms Yasmin Omar H. Mohamoud and  the Human Rights Centre makes the following recommendations to the Government are as follows:

⮚ To stop the arrests of journalist and the closure of media houses;
⮚ Allow demonstrations and respect the right to assembly;
⮚ Stop detaining government critics and suppressing opposition parties;
⮚ Stop the indefinite detentions of people and apply the constitution in respect to lawful arrests;
⮚ Reform the police and establish accountability framework;
⮚ Stop using the police for political purposes;
⮚ The government should stop the forceful eviction of IDPs and other poor people.

Reform the land laws to permit poor and vulnerable people access to land and provide IDPs land registration certificates;

⮚ Stop the amended Zina, Rape and Related Offences Bill and apply the original.

Read the full HRC annual review 2020 report HERE