Somaliland: Deafening Quite in Somalia as Djibouti Fetes President Bihi

Somaliland citizens residing between Sayla and Gabile received President Bihi warmly

Somalilandsun: After a successful state visit to Djibouti the Somaliland delegation led by President Musa Bihi is back in the country.
The five days state visit was occasioned by an official invitation from the president of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh and came just a week after a similar one by the Somaliland head of state to Kenya.

Residents from Sayla to Hargeisa received president Bihi warmo

According to a statement released by the presidency press office president Bihi and his entourage that included some members of his cabinet and service commanders returned home by road.

The service commanders in the entourage namely Military chief General Nuh Tani, Police Commissioner Brigadier General Mohamed Aden Saqadi ‘Dabogale and Commander of the Coast Guard Admiral. Mohamed Hussein Farah had gone to Djibouti a day before exit by the president

President Bihi tours various areas from Sayla to Gabile

Choosing to opt out of the regular air travel to and from abroad president Bihi’s return from Djibouti saw him traverse through Salal, Awdal and Gabiley region’s in the west of the country.
At the many stops the presidential entourage made flag and green twigs waving citizens were on hand to welcome and listen to his speeches.
“I am him to reaffirm my commitment to the development of all sectors in all parts of the country” the president told his many citizen’s welcoming committees.

Song and dance

Revealing that he had very candid discussions with his host President Ismail Guelleh , the Somaliland head of state said the first fruits of these talks was reopening of the border crossing between the two countries at lowyado town.

Somaliland service commanders

Contrary to the new norm from Somalia Federal government officials who severe ties with any country that hosts President Musa Bihi, this time around Mogadishu was discernibly mum.

In his visit a week easier to Nairobi upon invitation by President Uhuru Kenyatta whose government not only accorded him a red carpet welcome but agreed to open a consulate in Hargeisa, the visit by President Bihi incensed Mogadishu to the point of severing relations with Kenya.

Citizens of Somaliland

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Though Djibouti accorded president Bihi the same red carpet welcome as that by Kenya many are wondering why the president Farmajo administration remains indifferent.
The first country to receive the “we have severed rations from Somalia” was Guinea Conakry following a state visit by President Bihi.

President Bihi addressed residents of numerous centres between Sayla and Gabile

But despite the hullabaloo from Somalia many including president Bihi perceive the severing of relations as a blessing in disguise for Somaliland for the global attention it attracts.
For example immediately upon president Bihi’s returned from Kenya the Somaliland presidency in Hargeisa was a beehive of activity as it hosted visiting delegation s from Malawi and South Africa.

None were left behind

Maybe and at last Somalia and it’s Somaliland bashing President Farmajo are reconciled to the fact that “Somaliland is a sovereign nation”

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None were left out

Army units stationed in the west of the Somaliland mounted guards of honour for the president