Somaliland: Frankincense and gums expert, Dr Anjanette DeCarlo Reveals Inhumane Treatment by Local Authorities


Somalilandsun- Dr Anjanette DeCarlo is a Frankincense and gums expert and has done some studies in Somaliland to find out the conditions the trees that produce Frankincense and other resins are going through and the community that owns them with a view to make it more sustainable and improve the value chain for the products. In addition she wanted to help the community in terms of humanitarian assistance by building a hospital in Erigavo. Despite having that beneficial profile Dr. Anjanette was subjected to unlawful detention, harassment and threats to the detriment of the work that she was doing for the community and for the reputation of the country.


  1. A few idiots who are not from the Republic of Somaliland but from the neighboring Somalia spread fake news and racist propoganda about Dr.Anjanette inside Sanaag region of Somaliand and this lead to the desired results for the enemy(Somalia). These hostile forces from Somalia said she was in Somaliland to kill the plantlife and fight against Islam, two patently false accusations.

    All Somalilanders will now work to bring Dr. Anjanette back to Somaliland promto, we want people like her in Somaliland.