Somaliland: Four Ministries Establish Sool Regional Offices


As state warns of stiff punishment to mushrooming uncouth petty thuggery youth gangs terrorizing residents of Las Anod town
By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somaliland Minister of eastern regions development (R) poses with Sool regional officials at the site of new offices in Las Anod

LAS ANOD (Somalilandsun) – Residents of Sool region has commended the Somaliland government for its continued activities towards availing apt public services.
The accolades were issued during the official commissioning for construction of four offices to house the Sool regional coordinators in the ministries of Health, Social Services, Eastern regions development and Environment in Las Anod town during a function officiated by the for Eastern Regions Development Ali Mohamed Ahmed ‘Sandule’
At the commissioning that had a large number of citizens, Sool regional and Las Anod local council officials in attendance the two firms of Amal and Tiger Construction Companies tendered for the works pledged not only a timely completion but to chip in personal resources whenever required.
According to the deputy regional governor Abdirashid Hirsi Dalmar who thanked President Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo for his Endeavors to uplift livelihoods in Somaliland construction and subsequent utilization of the incoming premises shall avail residents’ ease of access to related services in addition to returning dignity to the coordinators who had been operating from their houses or marketplace.
Stating that the administration of president Silanyo is committed to hastening availability of long delayed public services to residents of Sool region thus attain an at per status with others in the country Minister Sandule said the peaceful route choosen is starting to bear fruits.
Upon thanking the government for availing funds and a local resident Omar ‘Agayare’ for contributing the land where the new offices are being constructed while urging others to emulate him for faster development the eastern development minister who stressed on the importance of peaceful co-existence also warned of swift action against uncouth youth gangs.
Informing that security reports from the region indicate the mushrooming of thuggish gangs of youths that are terrorizing Las And residents through their petty criminal activities that mostly revolve around stealing mobile phones at night urged parents in Sool to reign their children.
“Unless you stop some of your children from their thuggish activities the government shall be forced to disperse them to faraway prisons in the country just as happened In Hargeisa” said minister Sandule in apparent reference to how Maroodi-jeeh regional administrators are returning some semblance of order from gang related crimes through detaining arrested gang members in far off prisons like Gara’adag, Erigavo in Sanaag region where family visits and goodies are next to impossible.
Despite minor security issues mostly from youth gangs and business operators protesting tax increases Las Anod town is spearheading the rebirth of Sool region which is slowly shedding its insecurity problem that is as a result of a peaceful reconciliation accord initiated by president Silanyo.
Watch the Sool regional government offices Construction Commissioning