Somaliland: Forces Operation Commander Rescinds Resignation


colonel Alaas is still army operations officerBy: Yusuf M Hasan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The president has rejected the resignation of army operations officer.

According to the minister of defence Hon Ahmed H Adami, the operations officer Colonel Abdilahi Haji Jama “Alaas” is back to work after he rescinded his last week’s resignation letter send to the president.

During an interview with the Geeska newspaper in Hargeisa, The defence chief informed that following President Silanyo’s rejection of Col Alaas resignation and subsequent high level talks the army operations chief is back to work.

Colonel Alaas who had submitted his resignation letter to the president last week, without giving any reasons is currently ensconced in his office at Army headquarters in Hargeisa where his return was warmly welcomed by his boss as well as juniors.

The resignation of the operations officer had elicited debate owing to the fact that he originates from Sool region and coming at a time when the mayor of Las anod resigned in protest against his arrest that was ordered by the Sool regional governor purportedly with the acquiescence of the minister of interior.

During the same week, rumours were circulated by a number of media houses to the effect that Hon Ahmed Habsade, the minister of public works and housing has also resigned. The works minister who is the senior most government official from the Sool region later refuted the claims that his termed as baseless.

During the same week Khatuumo secessionists who are from the same turbulent region of Sool, bend on disrupting imminent reconciliation fronted by Suleiman Hagaltosie Former SSC militia commander who recently signed a Buhodle and Sool Peace accord with president Silanyo.

The Khatuumo aligned militias whose late night ambush on an army base in Sool-joogto village of Buhodle district, turned their guns in another failed objective of assassinating Commander Hagaltosie, who was in the vicinity trying to save the fleeing militias from the wrath of the army.