Somaliland: For Decamping Kulmiye Party, MP Nana’a Banned from Entry to the Presidency


Somaliland MP Ahmed Mohamed Diriye ‘Nana’a.

Somalilandsun – Formerly at his beck and call, the Somaliland presidency in Hargeisa is out of bounds to Member of Parliament Ahmed Mohamed Diriye ‘Nana’a.
This follows instructions issued to the presidential guards not to allow the MP entry, sources close to the palace informed Geeska Afrika
The turnabout from a honoured guest and visitor at the presidency to persona non grata, for MP Nana’a comes in the heels of his announcement that he has defected from the ruling Kulmiye party to Opposition Wadani made in Hargeisa last Thursday.
Quitting the ruling party by the legislator came as shock to many Wong tontue fact that he was not only a very senior and vocal member but a close ally of president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo.
“Being a Kulmiye heavyweight his defection to Opposition Wadani came as a rude shock to presidency operatives, more so on relations to the Hargeisa st around the corner presidential elections slated for 13th November 017” said our source who requested anonymity add that the o Entry instructions to the presidential guards by a senior operative was verbal
According to the Wadani party presidential flag-bearer Abdirahman Irro the defection of MP Nana’a is just the first of many that spell doom to Kulmiye party and boost to his chances of winning during the November elections.