Somaliland: Country’s Ever Presidential Aspirants Debate Shrouded in Secrecy


Yes this is why we hate politics

By: Yusuf M Hasan

Somalilandsun- According to circulating rumors, yes, rumors an alleged Somaliland presidential debate is to take place for the first in the country on the 18th October 2017.
Great news for the unprecedented event that shall avail the public a closer look at the three candidates contesting for the somalilamd presidency under sponsorship by ruling Kulmiye and opposition Wadani and UCID political parties namely Muse Behi, Abdirahman Irro and Eng Feisal Ali Warabe Respectively
Fantastic but where is the debates venue, who is are moderators, who are the organizers and who is funding it.
And if the initial organizers that is the Academy for Peace and Development -APD a body of local repute in the Somaliland democratization couldn’t hold the same despite clearly stated objectives, finding sources and mechanism then who is this organizer with much clout that facilitates surmounting all difficulties at the click of a finger.
If this ain’t another clan driven political machinations pleAse and
PLEASE tell us more, MORE so detailed information of Donor, objective, organizers, where and operators.
In lieu leave Somalilanders alone, instead of inflaming the highly charged clan/tribal divide that the forthcoming elections have produced.
Seriously this clan orientated circus disguised as national politics in a world acclaimed (????) bastion of democracy has outlived its purpose, and NOT for the belly filled politicians but YES the many one meal a day citizens

If calling a spade a spade is proper the. Somaliland politicking is more clan jostling that democratic process,