Somaliland: Five Dead, Dozens Injured in Recurring Sool Region Clans Dispute

Armed Clansmen in Sool region urged to cease fighting

Somalilandsun: Details are emerging from a clash between two clan militias that broke out this morning in El Dhabar Dalool area of ​​Hudun district in Sool region.

The fighting is said to have been sparked by a dispute between the two clans over a water well in Dhabar Dalol area where one of the clan’s claims that their livestock watering source has been grabbed by neighbouring  pastoralists .

More than five people have been reported killed and many more injured in the fighting.

It is difficult to get access to the area where the fighting broke out, making it difficult to determine the exact number of casualties.

Similar clan clashes have recurred in the Sool region, with a peace agreement reached last year between the two clans.

“We call on the warring clans in the area  to unconditionally stop the armed conflict , and pursue  a lasting solution to the recurrent conflict which has caused death and injury. ” the president of Somaliland Musa Bihi said in Statement