Somaliland: Fiqifuliye Residents Shun Khatumo Insurgency


By M.A.EggeSome of the former Khatumoists

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – An unprecedented recent mass exodus of Khatumoist’s joined the national armed forces in a ceremony held for Fiqifuliye, 80km south east of Erigavo in Sanaag.

Over 600-strong armed men with 13 armoured vehicles were seen joining the national army at a function witnessed by the Minister of the Presidency Hon. Hirsi Ali Haji Hassan, Minister of Information Hon. Abdilahi Mohammed U’kuse, Hon. Ali Mohammed the State Minister for the pacification and development of the eastern areas, the army Chief Major General Ismael Mohammed ShSomaliland Homegrown reconciliation at workaqalle and Garad Abdillahi Mohammed Guleid.

The area traditional leader Garad expressed his happiness that his people have had such a large contingent join in the forces following fruitful conclusions of talks that had been on for quite while.

He said that he was happy that the youth have now turned their backs on insurgency and have come to the fold hence now stand to defend their country.

The Garad noted that his people were now contented with their nation hence thanked all stakeholders who were at the forefront in the talks.

The commander of the contingent who echoed similar sentiments expressed his appreciation of the manner in which they were welcomed by the state.

Hon. Hirsi appealed to remnant rogue militants to follow suit and emulate their peers in nation building. He assured the new servicemen that they will have all the rights as accorded to fellow security personnel.

Hon. Abdillahi Ukuse, Hon. Ali Sandulle and Major General Shaqalle addressed the gathering and reiterated the imperativeness of national solidarity.

This is the biggest group seen in recent years who shunned opposition for the good of the country join the national force in such numbers.

Elders and government ministers discuss the way forward in fiqifuley