Somaliland: Duur Denies Absconding to Mogadishu


By: Yusuf M HasanMohamed Duur Arale

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – “Reports of my presence in Mogadishu are baseless lies with the intent to assassinate my good image and character within the public”

This was said by Mr Mohamed Duur Arale in reactions to reports posted by some Somali language website to the effect that he had been sighted in the Somalia capital of Mogadishu a few days after handing over his duties as interior minister.

“I am currently in United Emirate city of Dubai where I arrived direct from Hargeisa for personal reasons pertaining to my business interests” Said Mr Arale during a telephone interview with Geeska newspaper in which he reiterated his unflinching loyalty to his country somaliland and President Silanyo who appointed him and fired him, Duur, to the cabinet as interior minister.

Mr Duur Arale was replaced as interior minister by Mohamed Waran’ade a fortnight ago following a major cabinet reshuffle by president Silanyo that saw a number of new ministers appointed, others transferred and a few fired among them Mr Arale.

On his removal from the council of ministers, Mohamed Duur Arale said that he has no ill feelings towards his former boss and president of somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo , “my Appointment to the cabinet and subsequent removal is a prerogative of the head of state”

While thanking president Silanyo for the opportunity given to serve as minister, Mr Arale stressed on the fact that he has been a diligent public servant whose allegiance to his country shall not be wavered on losing a portfolio.

Mr Mohamed Duur Arale who made history for being the first citizen to be appointed as minister while a serving member of parliament managed to make a number of achievements especially in reconciliation a number of conflict areas in the country.

That tenure of 19 months as interior minister sae him reconcile two clans in Sanaag region that had been warring for long as well as bringing to conclusion the Samale clashes that had seen the two major clans of Gabile and Awdal in lengthily brawls.

The Duur tenure at the volatile portfolio of interior minister whose mandate is mainly internal security and local government shall also be credited with putting in place on-going mechanism for registration of citizens and issuance of national Identity cards and security support arrangements with the British government.

The astute character of Mr Arale continues to be displayed by his refusal on several occasions following his removal from government to castigate or bad mouth president Silanyo as many others in the present or past governments have done.

“Public office belongs to all and it is the prerogative of the president whom I respect very much to appoint or remove one” Says Mohamed Duur Arale