Somaliland: Father of Gang Raped 13 Years Old Girl Cries out For Justice

Somaliland: Said Harir Rageh Father of Gang Raped 13 Years Old Girl Cries out For Justice

Somalilandsun: Because I am blind and my wife mentally ill we became unable to take care of our three children so I decided to take them to the government run Hargeisa orphanage centre believing that it very safe for them.

This was narrated to HornCable TV by Said Harir Rageh who confirmed that his 13 years old Awwo Harir Rageh was raped by several men at the Hargeisa Orphanage centre.

According to the father he regularly visits the orphanage where his two daughters and a son are based but to his surprise he came to know the other day that his eldest daughter is about to give birth though nobody ever informed me of the pregnancy.

“I was never informed and the case was never reported to the authorities for months. The last time I went to visit I did not see my other younger daughter there. She is also now at risk. Now the orphanage management has refused to let me see my daughter or take all my children out of the orphanage as it is not a safe place as I thought because I spoke out. My children are better poor by my side then abused by others. Allah will provide for us. I wish I thought like this before but I was completely blind but now after I have been supported with eye surgery I can see the reality” said Harir Rageh

This is a very sad tale that needs urgent intervention by the relevant authorities as well as child protection agencies.