Somaliland: 29 New Confirmed Covid-19 Cases bring National Total to 641

Somaliland Covid 19
Somaliland Covid 19

Somalilandsun: Within the last 48 hours 29 new cases of Covid-19 were confirmed by the Somaliland ministry of Health in Hargeisa.

At its regular Corona Virus briefing the ministry of health upon revealing the national infection total stands at 641 went on to  classy  the new 29 cases as being 23 men and the remaining six women.

The new cases being recorded in Hargeisa, Berbera and Lasanod with  24 being nationals of Somaliland while 6 are all foreigners working in the country and nationals of India.

The ministry further reported that within the same period one person was discharged from hospital bringing the nationwide recovery to 121.

With none having succumb to the virus within the last 48 hours the death total remains 27.