Somaliland: Family of Demented War Veteran Appeals to the public for Help


Ms Maryan Bare and her demented son Nuur Abdi outside their one roomed tin shack in Hargeisa Somaliland

By: Yusuf M Hasan
Somalilandsun – “For twenty years feeding and taking care of my sick son has been an uphill task for me”
This was stated by Ms Maryan Bare Abiib a sixty three years old mother of Nuur Abdi Aideed who has been afflicted with mental illness for the last twenty years, adding that
“Though it is my son who is ailing thence chained hands and feet inside the house since 1995 when he became sick am unable to fend for him in anyway owing to the fact that am with him 24 hours seven days a week” said Mother Maryan
The inability to fend for her son results from round the clock attention the mother has to give in lieu of having the sick man damage public property or injure himself or other people.
Said “While chains are not actually strapped on either my feet or arms am similarly chained like my son due to my round the clock presence with him” adding that her aged husband Abdi Aideed who is over 80 years of age is unable to find regular work.
Stressing on the advantage age of her spouse, his lack of any professional skills not many employers are willing to give him a regular job thence reliance on menial labour at the Hargeisa livestock market.
This results in the inability of the family to access three square meals a day and “Sometimes with a go days with only a cup of black tea or water” says Ms Maryan.
Apart from the scarcity of regular meal the Aideed family which resides at the dilapidated refugees and IDPs hosting State house estate in Hargeisa, the condition of their one roomed tin house is another headache the poverty stricken family has to contend with.
“Heat and cold are constant companions of my family” revealed the mother while informing that neither the Government nor SOYAAL, the SNM Veterans association has ever chipped support their way notwithstanding that the sick man was a fearless Technical war wagon mounted machine gunner during the war with the Dictator Siad Barre led Somali national army in the 1980’s and early 90s
Battle wagons mounted with Machine guns were popular with SNM fighters/google mageThe mother who informed that she is slowly approaching poverty induced poverty unless something turns right appealed to Somaliland both in the country and the Diaspora for help both material and financial “I hereby send my humble request for support from all fellow citizens” said Ms Maryan Bare Abiib the mother of the now two decades demented Nuur Abdi Aideed a former freedom fighter who has spend the lengthily period chained feet and arms to a big metal on the floor of their one tinned roomed house in Hargeisa.
As for the 80 years old father of the sick man and spouse of Maryan who has to continuously, day in day out, watch his family drop further that is beyond recognized poverty levels, “this predicament is fate to be borne bravely but allowing for occasional tears.
This family is not alone in their predicament as Hargeisa and other major town’s in Somaliland are home to large numbers of former SNM fighters gone berserk.
With this anomaly it is worthwhile for the government in partnership with other stakeholders undertake a study on reasons behind the susceptibility of SNM veteran fighters to mental afflictions.
Ironically the current administration is dominated by SNM freedom fighters that the president led thus perturbing on reasons behind the neglect meted upon the 2 decades ailing veteran and most of his former colleague who together with their families are in likewise circumstances.

All kind hearted people wishing to help alleviate the suffering of this family should sent their donations be it a dollar or more directly to the mother Maryan Bare Abiib telephone number cum Zaad account 0634193917 or contact for more details

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