Somaliland: Expatriate Deported for Anti-Islamic Activities


Dr Robert By: Yusuf M Hassan

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The government has deported an American Doctor for alleged activities geared towards christianization of youths in the country.

According to the police commissioner Brigadier General Abdilahi Fadal Iman the American expatriate known as Dr Robert was deported after law enforcement agencies proved his anti-Islamic activities.

As per Dr Robert who together with his wife is currently in Djibouti the deportation is based on unfounded suspicions that the authorities cannot prove thus deported as a gimmick to satisfy the ill wishes of a certain religious leader in Hargeisa.

While ascertaining the deportation Gen Fadal Iman said that covert investigations had showed beyond reasonable doubt that the American Doctor was engaged in activities geared towards converting youths to Christianity.

The saga leading to the deportation started a month back when an Iman Sheikh Aden Sune advised citizens against the activities of one foreigner who is in the country in the guise of a humanitarian worker at a local hospital during a Friday sermon at a local mosque.

In his allegations Sheikh Sune also claimed first hand observation of inappropriate conduct to young girls by Dr Robert during a visit the sheikh made to the Hospital where the doctor worked.

As per the sheikh’s accusation the American doctor religious conversion activities are facilitated by his known mingling with locals at various foras and with this in view Somalilandsun sought to ascertain the facts by questioning officials of the Tima’ade Basketball ground where the Doctor frequently practices.

“I am certainly a Christian, and as part of my Christian faith, I speak, whenever I have the opportunity, about Jesus Christ. This is my duty as a Christian, just as Somalilanders often speak to me about the Islamic religion. I am happy to speak about religion, and hope that we can always do so in a respectful and tolerant manner. We need to respect each other’s faith, and I respect true practitioners of Islam” Dr Robert

As he certainly confesses to being a Christian several basketball players at Tima’ade grounds in Hargeisa where the doctor has practiced for the last three years say they have never observed him preaching or trying t convert anybody.

While Dr Robert is not the first expatriate to be deported out of the country for similar activities the big question is where is the proof of this crime, how many youths have been converted or been attempted to convert and finally why was not the Dr arraigned in Court if there was proof enough of his crime?

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